Justine Bricheno

A transplant from the UK, Justine blew into the Windy City fourteen years ago and now lives in beautiful Evanston. A self-confessed globe trotter, orchid lover, Harley Davidson enthusiast and keeper of pet fish she also loves all things musical, and can often be seen at local festivals or concerts, soaking up the sounds of all the fabulous local talent this great city has to offer.

Justine joined the Board of First Night Evanston in 2018, after volunteering and seeing in the new year at this amazing event last December. The bands were superb, the venues a cozy escape from the chilly weather, and sharing sparklers with friends and neighbors as the clock counted down to midnight made this a night to remember. This year is going to be equally awesome, so get off your couch and come join us!


  1. Dear Justine Bricheno,

    I am a dancer with cocodaco dance project. We are a local dance company here in Evanston. We have just returned from a tour to Panama and are now gearing up for our first show back home.
    We would love to share a short exert of our work at this upcoming First Night Evanston. I wish I had contacted you earlier but we were caught up in preparations for our South American debut. It might be difficult to squeeze us in this late in the game, but we are eager to share and contribute and willing to put in the effort to make it work. It would mean so much for us to be a part of this magical event with our fellow Evanston artists.
    We would also like to invite you to attend an open rehearsal at Foster Dance Studios as our guest. It will take place between 1:00 and 2:00 pm on the 31st, after which we look forward to seeing you at First Night Evanston!
    Feel free to call me directly at 520.232.4047 or email the company at info@cocodaco.com

    Happy New Year,

    Zac Bigbee

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